Training courses and programs

If you want to learn about coffee and coffee preparation, we offer an extensive package of education and training. Or as we always say, with us you can learn everything about coffee from the moment the green bean leaves the container ship to the preparation of a delicious and sustainable cup of coffee.

The multi-day courses are aimed at the profession of barista, coffee roaster, catering entrepreneur and/or coffee trader.

If you already work in the profession and you want to learn a certain skill, such as preparing filter coffee or pouring latte art, you can join a separate training.

The courses and training are SCA and/or SVH recognized and you can therefore obtain the relevant (inter)nationally recognized certificates.

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Training courses and programs

CVA for Cuppers

From:  725,00

Latte Art

From:  118,00

SCA Brewing Foundation

From:  498,00

SCA Brewing Intermediate

From:  648,00

SCA Introduction to coffee

From:  198,00

SCA Roasting Foundation

From:  409,50

SCA Roasting Intermediate

From:  1.550,00

SCA Sensory Foundation

From:  397,97

SCA Sensory Intermediate

From:  948,50

Sustainable Green Coffee

From:  648,00

SCA Green coffee Intermediate

From:  1.450,00

SCA Green coffee professional

From:  1.467,50