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SCA Barista Skills Professional

Become a master barista


The SCA Barista Skills Professional training has been developed to test your advanced barista skills. You learn  how to make an independent selection of your coffee beans with which you prepare your drinks.

Your technique for preparing the different coffee drinks, including latte art, will be perfected. In short, at the end of the training you are expected to have detailed knowledge about the science behind making the coffee. You can rightly call yourself Master Barista. Running your own specialty coffee bar is then within reach.

The HACCP regulations are taken into account.

The training is offered in groups.

Group size:

min.: 3

max.: 8

Training times: 9:30 am to 5:30 pm

The price: €1298,00 VAT exempt

This includes:

  • A reader
  • Lunch at training days

The invoice can be paid in installments, ask for the possibilities via

SCA Certification Fee: The training concludes with an online written exam and a practical exam. SCA Certification Fee: The training concludes with an online written exam and a practical exam. The SCA costs the exam €50 and will be charged separately to the student by the SCA.

Language: English or Dutch When an English speaking participant registers for the training, it will be switched to English.

Exam: The written exam is taken online. If you are dyslexic, please indicate this when registering. We must apply for an exemption so that you can take the exam on paper and with more time.

A mandatory time of 3 months has been set by the SCA between the Intermediate level and the Professional level, during which time the participant must get started in practice in order to be sufficiently prepared for the Professional and the exam.

If you want to participate in a Professional training, you must be able to demonstrate that you are in possession of an SCA Intermediate certificate for the relevant module.

retake: The following applies to the professional level:

The practical exams consist of various parts, if you fail one or more parts you can retake them once. There are additional costs involved at €45,- per part.

You have 2 attempts for the online written exam. If you fail both attempts, and you still want to obtain the certificate, you must register again for the relevant training.


August 16 & 17 (exam planned later)

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Price: €1298,- VAT exempt | excl. SCA exam costs