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SCA Roasting Foundation

To get to know the art of coffee roasting

In the SCA Roasting Foundation training you learn the basic knowledge and skills of coffee roasting.

You will gain insight into the following topics:

  • The roasting process
  • Heat regulation
  • Change reactions
  • Defects in the coffee
  • The different burning methods
  • Coffee roasters

Get your SCA certificate and score 5 points from the SCA diploma system.

The training is offered in groups.

Group size:

min.: 3

max.: 8

Training times: 9:30-17:30

The price of the training: €409.50 VAT exempt

This includes:

  • A reader
  • Lunch at training days

The invoice can be paid in installments, ask for the possibilities via

SCA Certification Fee: The training can be concluded with an online written exam and a practical test. The costs for taking this exam are €50 and will be charged separately.

Language: English or Dutch When an English speaking participant registers for the training, it will be switched to English. If you object to this and you really only want to follow the training in Dutch, please contact us first: or 030-6336538. It is no longer possible to object after booking.

Exam: The written exam is taken online. Are you dyslexic or do you have another demonstrable reason why this is not possible for you, please indicate this when registering. We must request an exemption so that you can take the exam on paper or orally and with more time.

Resit: For the foundation level applies:

You have 2 attempts for the online written exam. If you fail both attempts, and you still want to obtain the certificate, you must register again for the relevant training.

The invoice can be paid in installments, ask for the possibilities via

Belgian participants who fall under ‘paritair committee 118/220’ can appeal to Alimento for an allowance for this training


July 5

In addition to the SCA Roasting training, we also recommend following the SCA Sensory trajectory where you learn how to cup the freshly roasted coffee. To determine whether your coffee has been roasted correctly, you should always taste it.

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