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CQI Q Grading | Q Arabica Combo Course

Become a Arabica Q Grader in 6 days

Q Arabica was the first component of the Q system, launched by the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) over 15 years ago. The concept was simple: train everyone in the supply chain to speak a common language of quality. In this way, aiming to elevate quality coffee worldwide and ultimately rewarding producers for higher quality while opening market opportunities.

This course consists of two corresponding parts over six days. In the first part, over 3 days, learners review assumed knowledge and theoretical principles, including practice of all activities. The second part is a 3-day series of exams regarding the material presented. The course includes 20 exams over 9 Modules to test the learners’ job-relevant skills including cupping protocols, olfactory and gustatory senses, green coffee defect identification, roast sample level identification and matching pairs of coffee acids. Testing also includes recognizing and recalling CQI Flavor Standards in aqueous solutions.

The Q Arabica Grader Combo Training and Exams six-day course is rigorous and consequently some students find it difficult to pass all exam portions the first time through. The final day will allow participants to retake certain tests as needed in hopes of completing the certification. Participants who pass all exams earn a Q Arabica Grader certificate.

Who is it for? Practicing coffee tasters and quality assurance/control professionals looking to gain familiarity with international standards and be recognized with a professional certificate.

If you are not working with coffee every day or do not have much experience yet, we recommend to follow the SCA Sensory Foundation and SCA Sensory Intermediate course first.

The training will be given in a group of students.

Group size:

Min: 6

Max: 8

Training hours: 9:30 am – 5:30 pm

De prijs vanaf: €2.450,- (no vat)


  • A reader
  • Lunch

The invoice can be paid in installment. For more information:

Language: English

Retakes:If you allready joined the course but need to take a retake: please contact us for joining and prices.

Hotel and Travels: De Koffieschool is located in Utrecht, the centre of the Netherlands. We are 30 minutes from the City Centre of Amsterdam by train and Schiphol Airport. There are plenty of hotels and airB&B possibilities. If you need any recommendation or help please contact us.


3 – 8 june

Belgische deelnemers die onder paritair comité 118/220 vallen kunnen beroep doen op Alimento voor een tegemoetkoming voor deze training/ Belgian participants who fall under joint committee 118/220 can appeal to Alimento for an allowance for this training.

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Price: € 2.450 VAT exempt