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The Coffee Training program (SCA | SVH recognized)

Are you new to the world of coffee. Don’t know exactly what you’re going to do yet or would you like to learn everything. Then register for the Coffee Training program.

At the end of the course you will not only know how to prepare the tastiest and most beautiful coffee, but also where it comes from, how it is roasted and how you can judge its taste. Very useful information for every (starting) barista and everyone who is involved in the purchase and processing of coffee; the coffee roaster, the head barista or the owner of a catering business.

The training consists of 10 training days spread over 5 months.

In the program we cover the following topics:

  • history, origin and processing of green coffee
  • brewing pure coffee drinks and milk drinks on both the espresso machine and the filter brewing methods
  • Latte art
  • coffee tasting
  • roast coffee
  • the technique of the espresso machine and coffee grinder
  • the (sustainable) coffee trade

Training times: 9:30-17:30

The price: €2,850 (VAT exempt)

This includes:

  • A reader
  • Lunch at training days

The invoice can be paid in installments, ask for the possibilities by email

SCA Certification Costs: The training consists of several SCA training courses. These can be concluded with an online written exam. The costs for taking an exam are €25-€50 and will be charged to the student by the SCA. In total you can obtain 7 SCA certificates with the training.

Language: The training courses are given in Dutch or English. When an English speaking participant registers for the training, it will be switched to English. If you object to this and you really only want to follow the training in Dutch, please contact us first: or 030-6336538. It is no longer possible to object after booking.

Exam: The written exam is taken online. Are you dyslexic or do you have another demonstrable reason why you object to this, please indicate this when registering. We must request an exemption so that you can take the exam on paper or orally and with more time.

Retakes: You have 2 attempts for the online written exam. If you fail both attempts, and you still want to obtain the certificate, you must register again for the relevant training.

When you have attended all days you will receive the SVH recognized Coffee School Diploma. The Coffee Training is an SVH recognized industry training.



Group A: Tuesday 9 jan, 23 jan, 6 feb, 13 feb, 27 feb, 12 march, 26 march, 12 april, 23 april, 7 may

Group B: Wednesday 27 march, 10 apr, 24 apr, 8 may, 22 may, 5 june, 19 june, Friday 5 july, 10 july, 17 july

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