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Welcome to the BARISTA SKILLS E-LEARNING by The Coffee School


In this e-learning, we’ll show you step by step what’s involved to prepare the drinks from the coffee menu with an espresso machine. Starting at the workplace. Which materials and ingredients do you need? We’ll show you how to set up the coffee grinder, how to prepare the espresso and how to assess it. Espresso is the basis of the drinks of the coffee menu. To make a proper cappuccino we’ll teach you how to foam and pour the milk. And how to serve the coffee drink, the right way.

In between and after work, it is important to clean your workplace. The last two chapters are therefore dedicated to hygiene.

After each chapter, a test follows. Quite a few questions about the topics we discussed in this lesson. These questions are based on the questions of the Barista Skills Foundation theory exam of the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association). The SCA offers the possibility to certify you as a barista. If you are interested in this, please contact us after this training. We’ll help you prepare for your exam and skills test.


Finally: Before you start, read the instruction carefully

This e-learning program consists of 4 chapters. These chapters contain several paragraphs. A paragraph consists of a video and possibly additional explanation.

Once you’ve seen a video, reduce it (to small) again so you’ll be back on the course screen (otherwise you might get lost in the Youtube Web). At the bottom of the Start screen, a golden-yellow button appears with “Marked as Completed”. This indicates that you have watched the video in full.  You must have watched the video in full before you can continue in training.

The tests

Once you have completed all the paragraphs, take the test. Go to“Back to Chapter”to get into the chapter menu. The last menu item is the test.

Once you have completed all the tests successfully, you will receive a certificate of participation. (read more)


To get into the training you have to click on the link ‘start this course‘ in the confirmation of the order you received after the booking. You can find this order in your account’s dashboard.

Important: in order to be able to follow the training you always need to be LOGGED IN.  You can log in by clicking on ‘myaccount’at the bottom of the websites homepage. A figure appears in the upper-right corner of the website menu when you’re logged in.


If something does not work or do you have any questions or comments please contact us. We’re happy to help you out.


Good luck, have fun and become a great barista!

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